Extreme|FX Marcelo Volmaro on Programming, User Experience and anything else.

The Vitals

Professional Bio

I am a graphic designer and web developer, currently residing in Rosario, Argentina. I can hand-code semantic XHTML markup styled with advanced CSS layouts; create Rich Internet Applications; program database-driven content management systems and much more...

I have been designing and developing web sites nearly as long as there have been web sites to design and develop. I created my first web page in 1994 and got my first web-related job in 1995. I started mostly as a hobbyist with an interest in computers, but have now fully made the transition from computer nerd to designer/developer. I possess many technical skills, but my true passion lies in user interface, design and programming.

Development skills

Design skill

Courses / certifications


Web Standards

I believe strongly in web standards. As such, this site is coded in XHTML, with a layout and presentation done exclusively in CSS. This provides a great deal of increased accessibility and compatibility, as compared to traditional HTML table-based designs. Although I can't promise the entire site validates perfectly, I can say that I am always working towards that goal.

Browser Support

The textual content of this site is available in every possible user agent, from text based browsers to cell phones and PDAs, to the latest and greatest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. However, certain layout elements and details will not necessarily show up in every browser, due to varying levels of support for modern techniques.